Saturday, July 31, 2010

Welcome to Kitsap County Skeptics Blog

I'll come up with a better name for it later. Here's the info on the first meetup.

Meetup #1
7pm, August 4th
The Global Bean, Silverdale

We're going to hit the ground running for the first meeting. The first topic of discussion will be paranormal claims in this case psychic mediums and how they are tested.

The following podcast will be referenced...the interview with Alex Tsakiris in particular.

This is Righteous Indignation Podcast Unluckydip#4, also available on Itunes. The reason I've chosen this particular interview is that Alex is very good at what he does...and uses all the tricks of logical fallacy to try to win this argument. It's a veritable crash course in the Gish Gallop.
You can look up this and types of logical fallacy on

We'll be discussing the following study done by Julie Beischel

It's also discussed on Alex Tsakiris's show Skeptiko –

One thing we'll be discussing is how to test psychic claims and how to design a scientific experiment the proper way. If you are confused as to what is actually wrong with the way this study was done, here is a pretty good rundown of the issues with the paper.

And also RI #33 has an interview with Alex Tsakiris as well.

Thanks and hope to see you at the Global Bean, this Thursday at 7pm!

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