Thursday, October 21, 2010

Please excuse the lateness of this post!

But I've been fighting this illness everyone else in Kitsap County seems to have - a combination of TB and Typhoid that renders you too disgusting for public but not quite sick enough to take more than a couple days off of work. Awesome.

Perhaps I should head to Super Supplements and procure a homeopathic remedy! OR maybe not, because there's nothing in it! Skeptic Wes suggested we further explore CAM, especially homeopathy and I'm fully on board with that cause there's nothing more disgusting than people charging a gazillion dollars for a bottle of purified water...I think many in the US think homeopathy is herbal medicine but I assure you it is NOT.

So here's a couple podcasts to pique your interest the  RI podcast detailing the 10^23 overdose and our favorite UK skeptic Marsh in his dulcet tones, explaining the event.

Also Andy Wilson (of Merseyside Skeptics & InKredulous) was recently on Token Skeptic with the lovely Kylie Sturgess speaking of the next 10^23 stunt to be executed on Feb 5 - during qedcon which most of us will not likely be able to attend...which you can listen to here or read the transcript at

I've contacted Andy and he's going to forward our info to DJ Grothe so we can take part in whatever is going on with the 10^23 campaign here in the states. Cheers, Andy!

Also you can visit the 10^23 website or look at the wikipedia entry on homeopathy for more info.

Looking forward to seeing you all on October 27th and also lets keep a mass Trick or Treating in mind for those of us with children of that age...I'm going as Christine O'Donnell...I'm not a witch - I'm you!

Amber K.

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