Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My turn on Just Skeptics...

If I haven't emailed, tweeted, FB'd or texted you about this yet, please check out Just Skeptics podcast #16 where the Greater Manchester Skeptics society organizers Janis Bennion, Gavin Schofield and Alex Dennerly kindly invited me to guest host and blather on about something that pisses me off. As you all know that's quite a long list - but I chose the latest object of my irritation - Oprah Winfrey. Please join me in contacting Oprah to let her know that women aren't stupid and don't deserve to have woo-based programming be the only option on her new 24 hour WIN network. Let's help score one for all of the women in science and the skeptical movement.

At this time I'd like to give a big thanks to Gav, Janis and Alex for allowing me to join the podcast. It was truly the most fun I've ever had on a Friday before noon. In fact, possibly the most fun I've had on a Friday period, those with a better memory of the 90's than I have may be able to confirm that. I had a wonderful time and would do it again in a second...hint, hint....

Update for next Skeptics meetup to be posted asap - we're doing the placebo effect, expect Ben Goldacre to be a major part of this one.


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  1. Considering the fun *we* had too, plus the amazing job you did, and all the great feedback we've had... we'd be fools not to ask you back!

    Start preparing...