Saturday, September 25, 2010

It was aliens! I seen 'em!

Apologies that this is so late...this has been a busy week.

This weeks discussion was chosen by skeptic Bryan and an excellent one it is, UFO's and Ufology. It's one that's sure to be a lot of fun.
Discussion materials are Skeptoid episodes 208 & 218 (they're short)
and an eight minute video preview of the Westhall UFO documentary. I can't find the entire show online, I did see it when it came out but the link I had has disappeared.
How can so many people at once, over such a long time period, over the entire surface of the earth claim to see alien craft and yet no definitive evidence of actual aliens and alien craft exist? GOOOOOOD question and one we'll discuss Wednesday night at Hales. - please RSVP so I know how big the table should be - also if you're ALWAYS going to be there and want me to just assume that, let me know as well.

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